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Worldwide Day of Botanical Art - Brazil


Location:  Curitiba Botanical Garden, Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Botanical Museum

email  Curitiba Botanical Garden - Curitiba/Paraná/Brazil

Programs: Friday, 05/18/2018

9 am – Opening – At the Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Botanical Museum - MBM in the Curitiba Botanical Garden.  Official welcoming by Fátima Zagonel, representing the Steering Committee and Sonia Mara Ferraz de Oliveira, Botanical Garden Manager, following by a small cocktail party.

10 am – At the Auditorium  International Video presentation with the 40 images of each of the 25 participants Country.

11 am – At the Auditorium  Project presentation: "Illustration of the plants of the Amazon meadow" by Maria Alice Rezende, winner of the ASBA/Anne Ophelia Golden Award 2009.

Noon – Lunch Break

2 pm – At the Auditorium  Panel Discussion: “The situation of Botanical Art in Brazil and its international representativeness”.  Participating members: Marcos Antonio Silva-Ferraz, Álvaro Nunes, Zenilton Gayoso, Maria Alice Rezende and Ana Maria Deliberator, director of Center for Botanical Illustration of Paraná - CIBP. Coordination by Diana Carneiro.

3 to 4 pm – At the exhibition hall  Testimony of the participating artists in the face of their artwork.

4:30 pm – Guided tour through the Herbarium and Botanical Collections of the Botanical Garden, for the participants of the exhibition and guests, coordinated by biologist and Curator of the MBM Herbarium – José Tadeu Weidlich Motta.

 Saturday, Day 05/19/2018  From 9 am to 4 pm

Workshop “Colors of Cerrado” by Álvaro Nunes at the Exhibition Hall of MBM.

Workshop “The Iridescence’s Effect” by Marcos Antonio Silva-Ferraz at the CIBP headquarter.

Presentation of the international video in the Auditorium.

 8 pm – Confraternization Dinner

 Sunday, Day 05/20/2018

Demonstration of the techniques of color pencil and watercolor related to Botanical art, by local artists Cássia Dias and Alessandro Candido.

Presentation of the International Video in the Auditorium.

From 05/22 to 06/17 the exhibition will be open to the public and the local artists selected for the exhibition will be there for demonstrations and or information.