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Botanical Art Worldwide: America's Flora Announces Program

The United States Botanic Garden has announced a day of programming on the Worldwide Day of Botanical Art, May 18, 2018. Much of the afternoon's programming is open to the public. 

12:00 noon Lecture by Carol Woodin, ASBA Director of Exhibitions and Jim Adams, USBG Horticulture Manager "Botanical Art Worldwide: 6 Continents, 25 Countries, 1 Worldwide Project"  Registration required:

Come hear the story behind Botanical Art Worldwide, a global initiative documenting some of the world's great botanical diversity. This fascinating story details how twenty-five countries joined together to reach new audiences through botanical art. Each country's exhibition highlights native plants, depicting in contemporary botanical artworks created specifically for this project.

1:00 - 2:00 Meet the Artists in the Conservatory Gallery. Nearly 30 artists in the exhibition will be present to show technique demos, provide stories and tips, and talk about their works to the public.  Open, no registration required.

2:30 - 4:30 Behind the Scenes. Artists give a gallery walkthrough, discussing their work in the show, organizers speak about the exhibition and the overall Botanical Art Worldwide Project. Registration required:

Join us in this exciting event celebrating the culmination of all the efforts made worldwide to bring artists, institutions, organizations, and the public together to celebrate the diversity of plant life on earth!


Osage Orange,  Maclura pomifera , ©Susan Tomlinson

Osage Orange, Maclura pomifera, ©Susan Tomlinson