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The planned exhibition of native plants of Germany will be open for submissions to any botanical artist living in Germany or Austria. The selected works will be presented May 18th to July 22nd 2018 in the historical rooms of the Forum Botanische Kunst in Thuengersheim, Bavaria. This is the first privately held gallery solely dedicated to botanical art in Europe. The show will be accompanied by a presentation of international artists of the gallery. The small museum WeinKulturGaden in Thuengersheim will contemporaneously show an exquisite selection of historical botanical artworks, amongst them copperplate engravings by Maria Sibylla Merian, Basilius Besler and books by Elisabeth Blackwell. For more information: http://www.botanische-kunst.de/vorschau.html


Waldrebe (Withywind), Clematis vitalba, acrylic on panel, ©Sylvia Peter

This clematis, sometimes called “Old Man’s Beard” because of its silky fruit appendanges, is naturally occurring in Germany and other European countries, as well as parts of Asia. However, where it is not native its vigor has meant it is considered invasive in areas as geographically diverse as Washington State in the US and New Zealand. This painting by Sylvia Peter is acrylic, a technique rarely employed in botanical depictions.


Forum Botanische Kunst

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Steering Committee

Sylvia Peter
Verena Redmann

exhibition Venue

Forum Botanische Kunst

Photo Courtesy Sylvia Peter

Photo Courtesy Sylvia Peter


Forum Botanische Kunst, 18 Obere Hauptstraße, Thüngersheim, BY, 97291



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