Flora of Russia

About this Exhibition

Organized by the group Lectoroom, a group of artists who organize online educational and art projects and exhibitions, Flora of Russia will be on view from May 8 - May 20, 2018, at the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. The exhibition was juried by an esteemed team including, alphabetically, Natalia Alatortseva, Yaroslav Bazanova, Fomicheva Darya, Svetlana Lance, Alexander Viazmensky. From 129 paintings submitted, 82 were selected from a total of 61 artists. A large team has been put together to organize the exhibition, including Daria Novikova, Project Manager, Olga Kondrakhina, SMM Manager, Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Publicity Manager, and Dmitry Volopyansky, Technical Specialist. During the exhibition, lectures, master classes and courses will be conducted so visitors can learn more about botanical art. For more information, see Flora of Russia's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/baw.russia/ or their instagram: https://www.instagram.com/baw.russia/



Tricholoma saponaceum, 28 x 38cm, Watercolor on  paper, © Alexander Viazmensky

  Photo courtesy Alexander Viazmensky

Photo courtesy Alexander Viazmensky

A workshop with Alexander Viazmensky at St. Petersburg Botanical Garden.




Jaroslava Bazanova (Lectoroom)
Alexander Viazmensky

exhibition Venue

St. Petersburg Artist Union Building

  Photo courtesy Alexander Viazmensky

Photo courtesy Alexander Viazmensky


St. Petersburg Artist Union Building. Morskaya Bolshaya ul., d. 38, St. Petersburg 190000, Russia


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