Art of the Plant, Native Plants of Canada

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Art of the Plant is Canada's contribution to Botanical Art Worldwide.  The Art of the Plant exhibition will be on view at the Canadian Museum of Nature’s Stone Wall Gallery in the nation's capital, Ottawa, Ontario, from May 10 to October 14, 2018.  There are two components to the exhibition, one juried and the other invitational; the invitational component consists of artworks by Canadian botanical artists who have exhibited at the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation. A three-day botanical art conference will be held in May 2018, and there will be additional events throughout the run of the exhibition.  A catalogue will be published.  

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Shepherdia canadensis is a shrub found across much of Canada. Its berries, initially bitter, are a food source for wildlife such as grizzly bears, black bears, and ruffed grouse. The berries sweeten a little after several frosts. First Nation people were known to have combined them with dried buffalo meat to make pemmican, a portable, long-lasting high-energy food.


Canada Buffaloberry, Shepherdia argentea, watercolor on paper, ©Margaret Best

Photo: ©Ian Wilson

Photo: ©Ian Wilson

One of the many dramatic landscapes that hold some of Canada’s native plant treasures. Canada yellow cinquefoil at Waterton Lake National Park. 



Art of the Plant Steering Committee

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Steering Committee

Kerri Weller, Chair
Margaret Best, Advisor
Myra Sourkes, Advisor

exhibition Venue

Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Ontario 

The Canadian Museum of Nature is Canada's national museum of natural history and natural sciences. The museum provides evidence-based insights, inspiring experiences and meaningful engagement with nature's past, present and future. It achieves this through scientific research, a 14 million specimen collection, education programs, presentation of signature galleries and travelling exhibitions, and a dynamic web site,


Canadian Museum of Nature, 240 McLeod Street, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1A1



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