Native Plants of Costa Rica

About this Exhibition

Costa Rica’s project and exhibition are being organized by Lankester Botanical Garden (University of Costa Rica). New and exciting plant discoveries are being made regularly in Costa Rica, and Lankester Botanical Garden documents many of them in pen and ink dissections and watercolor paintings for scientific descriptions. The University of Costa Rica has a successful program devoted to providing students with natural history illustration instruction. A team of arts professors and scientists are working together to launch this project.


Artist Sylvia Strigari is participating in a continuing project to document some of the new discoveries in the orchid family in Costa Rica. Working with scientists and scientific illustrators at Lankester Botanical Garden, she captures the delicacy of both new discoveries and others that have been known for some time. In spite of its limited geographical area, Costa Rica has about 1600 native orchid species.

Masdevallia fonsecae, watercolor on paper, ©Sylvia Strigari


Lankester Botanical Garden (University of Costa Rica)

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Steering Committee

Jorge Warner
Eric Hidalgo
Franco Pupulin
Sylvia Strigari

exhibition Venue

Museo Calderón Guardia, San José, Costa Rica  

Photo courtesy Jorge Warner, J BL

Photo courtesy Jorge Warner, JBL


Museo Calderón Guardia, San José, Costa Rica  , Avenida 11 | Calle 25, Barrio Escalante, San Jose, Costa Rica


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