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Thai artists, under the umbrella of Mahidol University, Bangkok and Sci-Art Network of Thailand, as well as the Plant Genetic Conservation Project under the Royal Initiative of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, have created depictions of some of the fascinating native plants of Thailand for this exhibition. The renowned botanical artist Mr. Phansakdi Chakkaphak will serve as special advisor. Artworks have been selected, and the exhibition will be on view at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre from May 15 - May 27, 2018. The exhibition opening ceremony will be presided over by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Updates are posted on Sci-Art Network's Facebook page:

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Paphiopedilum exul was first described as in 1891 as a variety of Cypripedium insigne, and it was transferred into Paphiopedilum in 1896. In the wild it is often found on rock cliffs or in pockets in rocks filled with humus, growing in full sun or light shade, with high humidity and temperatures rarely dropping below 70F. The illustrator, Sunitsorn Pimpasalee, has captured its shape and habit beautifully in this watercolor painting.

Paphiopedilum exul, watercolor on paper, Sunitsorn Pimpasalee ©Department of Plant Science, Mahidol University

Musa nanensis, watercolor on paper, Narongsak Sukkaewmanee ©Narongsak Sukkaewmanee, Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University

This banana species from Thailand is known from only a single location in Nan Province. It was newly discovered, and described in 2015 in the journal Systematic Botany by Dr. Sasivimon Chomchalow Swangpol et al.  This illustration by Narongsak Sukkaewmanee depicts fully formed fruits and flowers in the foreground, as well as developing fruits and flowers in atmospheric perspective.

Artists and organizers with Mahidol University and Sci-Art Network gather to discuss details of Thailand’s exhibition for Botanical Art Worldwide.

Photo courtesy Pisit Hongsakornprasert.

Photo courtesy Pisit Hongsakornprasert.


Department of Plant Science, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Bangkok and Sci-Art Network

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Steering Committee

Sasivimon C. Swangpol, PhD
Thaya Jenjittikul, PhD

exhibition Venue

Bangkok Art and Culture Center


Bangkok Art and Culture Center


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