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A new organization has been formed as an umbrella for receiving entries and hosting the worldwide exhibition in Britain, the Association of British Botanical Artists (ABBA). The exhibition will hang in the Peter Scott Gallery, in association with the Ruskin Library at Lancaster University in Bailrigg, Lancaster, a repository for a large portion of John Ruskin’s diaries, books, and drawings. Dates of the exhibition are May 18 - June 9, 2018, with special event open days being held on Saturday, May 19 and Saturday, June 9. A jury team consisting of five notables in the field, Helen Allen, Brent Elliott, Christabel King, Martyn Rix, and Ann Swan, has selected the works to be included in the exhibition. Artists whose works were accepted are: Elaine Allison, Christine Battle, Miggy Bruce, Helen Cavalli, Susan Conroy, Jackie Copeman, Joanna Craig McFeely, Gaynor Dickeson, Sandra Doyle, Lesley Edmondson, Margaret Fitzpatrick, Gillian Foster, Mally Francis, Gillian Geary, Joan Giles, Anne Girling, Lizzie Harper, Christina Hart Davies, Christabel King, Annie Morris, Polly O'Leary, Penny Price, Roger Reynolds, Billy Showell, Ann Swan, Pamela Taylor, Julia Trickey, and Claire Ward. 

Find more info here, including an excellent blog, on ABBA's website:


Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) is a large deciduous shrub in the Rose family. Christine Battle's rendition of this very familiar British shrub shows its beautiful spring flowers in graphite, with full color focusing on its plum-like, tart fruits and the thorns so distinctive to the plant.


Prunus spinosa, blackthorn, watercolor and graphite, ©Christine Battle

  Photo courtesy Sarah Morrish.

Photo courtesy Sarah Morrish.

Artist Sarah Morrish studying British native bluebells in a wood.



Association of British Botanical Artists

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Steering Committee

Gaynor Dickeson
Sarah Morrish
Dianne Sutherland

exhibition Venue

Ruskin Library at Lancaster University

  Photo courtesy Ruskin Library, Lancaster University

Photo courtesy Ruskin Library, Lancaster University


Ruskin Library, Lancaster University


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