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Flora of Australia

Softcover, 136 pages

Contents: Color images of the 109 works hung in Botanical Art Worldwide exhibition in Canberra, including a short description of each plant and biographies of the artists.

Language: English

Price:  $25 + postage and packaging ($6 to Australia; $14 to SE Asia and Pacific; $20 to Canada, US, UK, Europe).

Order forms are available from Botanical Art Society of Australia’s website: 


Botanical Art Worldwide: brazil

Downloadable e-catalog, 56 pages

Published by Jardim Botanico de Curitiba and Centro de Ilustraçao Botanica do Parana

Contents: Reproductions of artworks in the exhibition, by 31 different artists, as well as information and images from the 6 jurors. Essays and photographs of the exhibition and venue are also included.

Language: English

To view and download:


Canada: ‘Art of the Plant’

Two volume set in embossed sleeve

Artwork Volume: Softcover, 64 pages – two-page spread for each artist showing artwork and artists’ statements about exhibited work and the plants portrayed

Artist Volume: Softcover, 32 pages – one page per artist with artwork and brief bio of the artist

Language: Bilingual in English and French

Price: $90 (US) includes shipping anywhere in continental US/Canada

To order: OR toll free @1-888-836-7297 for payment with Visa or MasterCard


Colombia: Native Plants of Colombia

Online catalog:


Indonesia: ‘Ragam Flora Indonesia’ (2018)

Softcover, 74 pages

Artwork and Artists Bios

Language: Indonesian

Price: USD 15 (excluding shipping), Paypal is accepted.

To order: Contact or WhatsApp +62 813-8269-9229


Ireland: ‘Botanical Art Worldwide 2018 Eireannach - Celebrating Native Plants of Ireland’

Softcover, 130 pages

Artwork, commentary on each plant, artist biographies, and one page for each of the 25 Botanical Art Worldwide participating countries

Language: English

Price: £30.00 plus shipping

To order:


Portraits of Italian Flora

Softcover, 200 pages

Contents: 67 colour reproductions of the artwork accompanied by a botanical description of each plant, as well as a brief outline of the artists. Moreover, the catalog includes several essays regarding the Floraviva Association of Botanical Artists, the Padua Botanical Garden, Plant Biology and Botanical Painting, and Tradition and Innovation in Contemporary Botanical Painting.

Language: Italian and English.

Publisher: Floraviva, the Italian Association of Botanical Artists

Price: €15 with an additional shipping fee of €15 for international shipment.

To order, visit the Floraviva website or write to Payment can be made via PayPal.


Wilde Planten in Nederland

Softcover, 96 pages

Contents: Color reproductions of 51 images from the Botanical Art Worldwide exhibition held at the Museum of the Black Tulip in Lisse. Introduction and chapter about the Dutch Society of Botanical Artists.  Text by Prof. Dr. Joop H. H. Schaminée, a Dutch botanist working in the field of vegetation and landscape ecology and writes of many books on these topics.

Publisher: Dutch Society of Botanical Artists

Language: Dutch, English and partly in German.

This catalogue can be ordered by sending an email to

Prices (including shipping and handling)
within the Netherlands    € 22,50
within Europe                   € 25,00
outside Europe                 $ 30


Russia: ‘Botanical Art Worldwide Russia 2018’

Softcover, 64 pages


Language: Bi-lingual Russian and English

Price: please inquire

To order send an email to


Southern Africa: Botanical Art Worldwide (Southern Africa)

Softcover, 87 pages

Over 200 artworks

Language: English

Price: Rand 20 Shipping: USA Rand 490.00; UK Rand 450.00; Australia Rand 630.00

To order send an email to

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Softcover, 120 pages, 9.5 x 11.8 inches, shipping weight 1.8 pounds

Published by Sci-art Network Thailand

Contents: 69 portraits of native Thai plants from 52 Thai artists plus 24 works from 24 artists of the participating countries. With semi-gloss quality paper, it is designed by Mr. Phansakdi Chakkaphak, the famous botanical artist whose his stunning works are shown worldwide including in Dr. Shirley Sherwood’s collection. There are two different covers (Sacred lotus cover and Mitrephora cover) with the same content inside. 

Language: English

Price: 1200 Thai Baht (including media shipping worldwide) approximately $39 US 600 Thai Baht (including express shipping in Thailand)
Paypal is accepted. Please specify Sacred Lotus cover or Mitrephora cover.

For more info and to view the catalog, visit:

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In Ukrainian: ФЛОРА УКРАЇНИ. Всесвітня Виставка Ботанічного Мистецтва.

Softcover, 44 pages

Contents: A5 catalog with 40 reproductions of botanical artwork from 15 botanical artists presenting Native Flora of Ukraine. 

Price: $10 for international orders. 

The link is:

For national orders please write a message on our FB page:


United Kingdom: ‘In Ruskin’s Footsteps – Linking People to Plants through Botanical Art’

Softcover, 64 pages

Artwork, commentary on the plants and artists’ bios

Language: English

Price: Please inquire

To order send an email to

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Botanical Art Worldwide: America’s Flora

Softcover, overleaf, 96 pages

Published by American Society of Botanical Artists with support of BAEE (Botanical Artists for Education and the Environment).

Contents: Reproductions of 46 artworks in the exhibition, comments by the artists, and a page devoted to each of the 24 participating countries.

Language: English

Price: US $32.95 including shipping, additional international shipping charges apply