Botanical Art Worldwide in Ireland has been organized by the Irish Society of Botanical Artists, in collaboration with host venue the National Botanical Gardens, Dublin.  For the past year, more than 50 artists have been researching and painting their chosen Irish plants, producing stunning paintings for the exhibition, which is called “Éireannach”, which means ‘of Ireland’. 

On the day of Botanical Art Worldwide, the 18th May, 2018, Ireland will join with 24 other countries around the world, taking part in simultaneous exhibitions and an online slideshow.  Our exhibition at the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin will contribute to this collaboration with an Open Day which will include tours by Zoë Devlin (whose website and books celebrate Ireland’s wild plants), painting demonstrations.  Visitors will be able to see the BAW Slideshow onscreen all day, connecting us with this exciting worldwide celebration of botanical art and native plants of each participating country.

The exhibition will also see the launch of a book by the same name, which will double as a catalogue for the exhibition. The passion of the artists for our island’s plants will be evident, not only in the paintings, but also in descriptions of the cultural and traditional meanings which make them so quintessentially Irish.  Also involved and contributing to this publication, will be sympathetic and related Irish organisations concerned with conservation, habitat and the preservation of our beautiful green land and its flora.  The Éireannach logo is a detail from Susan Sex’s painting of the Marsh Helleborine (Epipactis palustris), a native orchid found on lake shores, dunes and wet fields in Ireland.

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Primula vulgaris is one of the first springtime flowers, and can be found through most of Ireland, including in the famous Irish Burren, a favorite location for wildflower denizens. They prefer damp soils and shady habitats.

Primrose, Primula vulgaris, watercolor and graphite on paper, ©Lynn Stringer

Photo courtesy ISBA

Photo courtesy ISBA

One of ISBA’s artist support seminars, led by artist Susan Sex, for a previous project, Aibítir – The Irish Alphabet in Botanical Art. Susan is a specialist in the native orchids and wildflowers of Ireland, and published a book with Brendan Sayers, “Ireland’s Wild Orchids”.



Irish Society of Botanical Artists

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Steering Committee

Zoë Devlin
Yanny Petters
Jane Stark
Lynn Stringer

exhibition Venue

National Botanic Gardens, Dublin

Photo courtesy ISBA

Photo courtesy ISBA

©Bernard van Geissen, previous ISBA exhibition on view at National Botanic Gardens, Dublin.

©Bernard van Geissen, previous ISBA exhibition on view at National Botanic Gardens, Dublin.


National Botanic Gardens, 9 Glasnevin Hill, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland


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